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Our Values

Values How We Strive to Achieve Our Values towards Our Client
Client empowerment, inclusion Inclusion of our client in goal setting and strategic planning; assisting in your understanding of the legal issues and legal process and options; seeking to instill confidence in you as our client and in your decision making
Dignity, respect, caring, compassion We strive to treat you like we would want to be treated ourselves, because each individual is unique with different needs and each individual and their case is important to us. We recognize the deep personal and economic impact that disputes have on you
Leadership, innovation We will guide you through complex issues and legal processes by assisting you in your understanding of them and developing strategies, which are innovative and cost conscious, to strive to achieve your goals

We are here to serve you, our client, to the best of our ability, and to honor your trust in us at all times


We strive to create an intimate, safe and confidential environment for you
Client Value We strive to provide prompt and efficient attention to you, while not compromising on service or on your interests and rights, and by giving you confidence in our team which has over 33 years of providing affordable and workable solutions given our client’s goals and circumstances.  We aim to enhance your ability to move forward with their lives
Passion We honor your trust in us, we believe in you and we advocate zealously for you just as if you were a member our own family
Sustainability, win/win With sensitivity and expertise, we focus on an efficient and productive process of advocating and representation for you, and we focus on relationships and content to build a lasting dispute resolution, and we believe that conflict resolution will have positive growth implications for you
Build hope and future plans We believe that you should be able to develop hope and plans for your future, while moving through and past the conflict resolution process to a positive future
Faith We have deep respect for your personal faith as an integral part of the conflict resolution process and hope for your future