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Adoption Screening Process – What do I have to do?

Every state has standards that adoptive parents must meet before they are allowed to adopt. Usually the adoption screening process involves a home study, or family study, being conducted on the adoptive family (although there are some exceptions: You should discuss this with your attorney). This will involve a social worker meeting with the family, obtaining criminal, FBI and child abuse clearance reports on the family, obtaining references, medical and financial information. Once it is determined that the family is recommended for adoption, a report will be prepared, called a family study or home study, which will be provided to the court and other authorities involved in the adoption process.

The cost of this report to the adoptive family will vary depending on who or where it is being prepared, and typically averages between $1,500 to $2,500. However, if it is being done through a county children & youth agency, it may be significantly less. If it is being done in connection with a SWAN adoption, it may be subsidized and be done at no cost to the adoptive family.

To obtain your FBI, Criminal and Child Abuse Clearances in Pennsylvania, go to the following links:

1. Criminal Clearance Application Form

2. Child Abuse Clearance Application Form

3. FBI Clearance Application Process