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Do I Wait Until the Baby or Child is in My Home to Call an Attorney?

By no means! You should contact an attorney as soon as you have a potential placement. There are many things that need to be done prior to the birth of a child or the placement of a child with the adoptive parents. Oftentimes, you may even be in violation of the law if you do not take certain steps prior to receiving the child.

For example, you may be required to have a home study, you may be required to do certain clearances such as child abuse, criminal and FBI clearances, and you may be required to get preliminary approval of an adoption agency or court.

You may need the approval of the Director of the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (when adopting a child from another state).

Your attorney will help you identify all steps necessary for a successful completion of an adoption and help you identify all legal risks and costs.

If you are in the beginning stages as an adoptive parent who wants to adopt, I suggest that you consult with your adoption attorney as early as possible in your journey through adoption.

The reasons for this include:

1) To help you understand the different options you have;

2) To help you identify and understand the law and the legal risks;

3) To give you an idea of the costs involved as well as to advise you on what Birthmother expenses are legal to pay in your state;

4) To establish a relationship with a trusted adoption attorney that will be ready for your call when you are contacted about a potential placement or when you are about to receive adoptive placement of your child.