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What Services Do You Provide to Birth Mothers and Birth Fathers?

All of the Birth Mothers and Birth Fathers that we have worked with have an unselfish love for their child. They are exploring the options that will be best for their child under their circumstances, because they want what is going to be best for their child’s future.

As you consider what is best for your child, we will help you understand the adoption process by:

  • discussing options of agency adoption and private adoption, the process of choosing an adoptive family, arranging for counseling and support, legal and financial concerns, or making referrals for resources should you choose to parent your child.
  • talking with you about options of a closed confidential adoption, to a semi-open adoption, to an open adoption.
  • discussing how you want the hospital experience to be, ie, whether you choose to spend time with your child at the hospital, whether you want the adoptive family to visit at the hospital, discharge of the baby to the adoptive family, etc. We do not believe in pressuring you to make any particular choice because we want you to have a complete peace and confidence in the decision you make.
  • providing references for birthparent counseling and support as you consider your options.

Normally the attorney fees, counseling and medical expenses are paid for by the adoptive family or other resource, not by the birthparent. In some states, birth mothers may be entitled to living expenses as well (such as rent, food, maternity clothing, etc.), although each state has its own law regulating this, and it varies from state to state.

We have great respect for all of the Birthparents that we are privileged to serve and strive to take great care in helping you navigate through, emotionally as well as legally, the adoption process.