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What Costs am I Allowed to Pay to Birth Parents in an Adoption?

This will vary from state to state, because each state has its own adoption laws. It is therefore critical to evaluate the law for the state(s) involved in the adoption before you begin to pay any costs or monies. For example, in many states (including Pennsylvania) it is illegal to pay living expenses (rent, food, clothes, etc.) to birthparents, while other states will allow it, but may have certain restrictions on how much and who you can pay.

Pennsylvania law typically allows Adoptive Parents to pay their own attorney fees, to pay reasonable adoption agency fees, and to pay medical bills for the child and mother that are related to pregnancy and birth and that are not covered by health insurance.

Living expenses to the birthmother are not allowed under Pennsylvania law; however, if your birthmother lives in a state that allows payment of living expenses, you need to speak with your attorney as to whether you will be allowed to pay them.