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Will I Have to Pay Medical Bills and How Much?

The medical bills of the birthmother related to the pregnancy and birth, as well as the baby’s medical bills, are allowed to be paid by the adoptive parents in most states.

However, a majority of the time, the adoptive parents do not need to pay for these expenses because the birthmother will have some type of health insurance coverage that pays for this (such as her own private health insurance, her parent’s health insurance, or medical assistance through the state she resides in).

If the birthmother has no private insurance, then she will be assisted in applying for medical assistance. If she has no insurance and cannot obtain medical assistance, then the cost of non-covered medical expenses will depend on her health providers and whether there are any complications during the pregnancy and birth.

Typically, for an uncomplicated vaginal delivery, you can expect at least $12,000 for prenatal care, lab work, ultrasounds, hospital charges for birthmother, anesthesiologists charge, hospital charges for the baby, pediatrician charges at the hospital.

The adoptive parents and birthmother should have a written agreement about what the adoptive parents will be paying for and when they will be paying for the medical expenses, as they are typically paid after the birthparent’s rights are terminated or the consents to adoption are irrevocable.