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Mediation Services

Our Mediation Services include:

Our Mediation Services provide an alternative dispute resolution service. Deborah Lesko’s mediation style employs strategic planning and various mediation skills which are tailored to the different needs and personalities of the parties and their legal counsel.  She uses a facilitative approach and format, but will also use a more directive and evaluative approach where necessary.  While clients are guided and informed to understand issues, they maintain control of the process and decisions.  She is committed to neutrality and respect for all parties in assisting them to reach an agreement that will work for both of them.

Deborah believes that conflict, while often inevitable, does not have to be destructive of a person’s dignity, hope or future plans, but one can learn positive conflict resolution to advance their personal lives, despite the circumstances engendered by the conflict

She believes that mediation can provide positive, empowering, affordable and innovative alternatives to adversarial dispute resolution.

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