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What is Mediation?

What is mediation? Mediation is a voluntary dispute resolution process providing an innovative and cost effective alternative to litigation.

People in conflict are brought together to work out their differences to achieve a mutually agreed upon settlement.

In mediation, the parties negotiate their own settlements.

The meetings are facilitated by a trained neutral third party called a “mediator”. The mediator does not have the authority to force any of the participants to do anything, but instead will help the parties identify and negotiate their issues in an effort to achieve a WIN-WIN resolution for the participants in the mediation.

In the traditional legal process, your lawyers often do the negotiations for you, or you could take to issues to a judge for the judge to decide the issues for you. In mediation, the participants will work together in a cooperative and respectful manner to reach a resolution that they both can agree upon.

Parties in conflict often see their only option as litigation in the courts, with expensive legal fees and costs. Mediation is another option to provide constructive and confident dispute resolution.