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What is the Cost of Mediation?

The cost of mediation is dependent upon each individual situation. Services will be charged on an hourly basis including the time I meet with you, substantial phone calls or e-mail communication of five minutes or more, contacts with your attorney and consultants at your request, written memorandums of your agreement and the sessions.

The billable hours charged for mediation depend largely upon how complicated your issues are and how well you communicate. If your situation is uncomplicated and your communication is good, the time involved will be greatly reduced thus reducing the cost of the mediation, as opposed to very complicated issues or poor communication between the participants.

The mediator will be making sure you cover everything and will keep track of your agreements, so a detailed written description of your agreements can be provided. The more complicated the issues, the more discussion is required. The meetings with the mediator will become a forum for communication and the mediator will be facilitating your negotiation. The typical joint meetings are 1 to 2 hours long.