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Why Mediation?

Why you should choose mediation:

  • Mediation is a cost-saving alternative to avoid expensive and uncertain court litigation and escalating legal fees and costs.
  • In mediation, participants have control over the outcome rather than turning matters over to a judge/jury to decide and having their respective attorneys do all of the negotiations.
  • Personal negotiation through a cooperative and respectful process to achieve WIN/WIN agreement for all participants of the mediation.
  • Mediation reduces stress as parties have more input and are a part of the resolution, as opposed to waiting to hear what their attorneys have said to each other or waiting to hear what a judge or jury may impose upon them.
  • The parties are free to come up with solutions that they believe are appropriate for their family or situation, even if these are different solutions than what attorneys or judges/juries may recognize in the traditional legal process.
  • During mediation, the parties can present any information that they feel is important:  The parties know that they each have a “voice” that will be heard and their concerns and needs will be addressed.
  • Preserves relationships for future communication and interaction
  • Mediation is confidential: There is no public record, unlike the traditional legal process where the parties’ details of their conflict and often very personal details of their life may be subject to public scrutiny.
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate the schedules of the participants, including evenings and Saturdays.
  • We maintain a deep respect for personal faith in the conflict resolution process.