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How Do I Start the Adoption Process?
How Do I Find a Good Adoption Attorney?
Do I Wait Until the Baby or Child is in My Home to Call an Attorney?
What Services Do You Provide to Birth Mothers and Birth Fathers?
What is the Difference Between Open and Closed Adoption?
What are Adoption Agency Fees?
What Private Adoption Costs Are There?
Are There Adoption Agency Fees if it is a Private Adoption?
How Much Should I Expect to Pay in Adoption Attorney Fees?
Will I Have to Pay Medical Bills and How Much?
What Costs am I Allowed to Pay to Birth Parents in an Adoption?
Adoption Screening Process &#; What do I have to do?
What is a Home Study or Family Study?
What is a SWAN Adoption?
What is the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children?
What Does the Adoption Legal Process Look Like?
What is Adoption Assistance?
How do I Claim My Adoptive Child on My Income Tax if I Don’t have a Social Security Number Yet?
What is the Adoption Tax Credit? What are Qualified Adoption Expenses?

Estate Planning/Estate Administration:

Estate Law Services/Estate Planning & Administration
Can I Change My Will?
Do I Need a Will?
How Much Does a Will Cost?
What Estate Planning Documents Should I Consider?
What Information Should I Bring to the Consultation?
Why is There a Probate Process?
If I’m Doing a Living Will, What Kinds of Treatment Should I Discuss if I am in the End Stages of Life?
Can I Get a Form and Do My Own Will & Estate Planning Documents?
For Minor Children, What Should I Consider?
Do I Need a Living Trust?
If I Have a Living Trust – Do I Still Need a Will?
If I Have a Living Trust, Will There Still be Death Taxes and Attorney Fees After My Death?
What is Probate?
Is the Cost of Probate High?
Can I Avoid Probate?
What Death Taxes are Due at Death?

Family Law:

Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney or Family Law Attorney
How Do I Get a Divorce in Pennsylvania?
What Kind of Divorce Issues Might a Court Deal With?
What Types of Custody Are There?
What Issues are Considered When Establishing a Custody Order?
How are Debts and Assets Divided in a Divorce?
What All is Subject to Equitable Distribution of Property?
How Do I Determine the Value of Assets?
When is Alimony Awarded?
We Want to be Separated, Now What?
What is a PFA (Protection From Abuse Order)?
What is a Prenuptial Agreement?


What is Mediation?
Why Mediation?
Different Issues and Types of Mediation
What is the Role of a Mediator?
What is the Cost of Mediation?
How Long Does Mediation Take?
Do I Need a Divorce Mediation Attorney?
What Happens After Mediation Doesn’t Settle Issues?
What if I’m the Only One Who Wants to Use Mediation?

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