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Some of our clients have graciously provided testimonials, which follow.

The following endorsements are examples of some of the evaluations provided by clients and former clients regarding our firm’s representation. Results obtained in prior cases and endorsements by clients or former clients should not be viewed as indicators of the results that others might expect. Endorsements by clients or former clients do not guarantee satisfaction or results in every case. Each case is unique and the specific factual and legal circumstances that apply are critical to a proper evaluation of each matter.

We could not be happier with Deborah Lesko’s and Tammee Barch’s work on our adoption process. Divine intervention, our OB-GYN, St. Clair Hospital and these wonderful women brought our daughter into our lives and home. At the critical moment, we were able to connect with the office to have them talk with birthmother and all the hospital staff to make arrangements to bring our blessing home right from the hospital. In addition, we were always well prepared for court hearings, home visitations and any correspondence regarding our adoption process. We are overjoyed with our daughter and had much peace of mind due to the intelligence, compassion and preparedness of Deborah Lesko and her staff. (E&R)

Debbie Lesko has been instrumental in the success of our adoption program at The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh for over 20 years. We have the confidence to know that the legal portion of each and every adoption is being handled not only professionally, but also with compassion and integrity. Debbie analyzes every detail and possible scenario which leads to safe adoptions for all members of the adoption triad. As a mentor for our counselors, she is patient and thoughtful while sharing her expertise. Having Debbie makes it easier for our entire staff to focus on our clients, knowing that our adoptions are being legally taken care of in the best way possible. (Connie Bach, MA, Director of Adoption, The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh & Lemieux Family Center)

Consulting with Deborah Lesko, Esq., was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever enjoyed. She is very knowledgeable, compassionate and caring. To get a rather involved Will accomplished, she asked the tough questions, provided options, allowing me to decide. The other end-of-life legal papers necessities were handled the same way. With that burden off my back, my life continues with my mind at ease. (Ruth)

They made me feel comfortable during a very difficult time. I was competently advised of my available courses of action, with the same proceeding in a timely manner. They paid particular attention to the specifics of my individual circumstances and protected my interests in obtaining the best possible outcome for me. I was kept informed as to progress throughout the representation. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in an unfortunate divorce situation. (Eileen)

Deborah Lesko was a wonderful lawyer to work with during the entire process of my divorce. I have never been through a divorce before, nor did I ask for one. I did not know anything about getting a divorce. Having known this, she was very patient with me and walked me through each step of the divorce. Not only did she perform her legal duties, but she also gave me some very good referrals for counselors and divorce support groups. She is a thorough and professional lawyer. I feel that she treated me with honesty and respect for every aspect. She was very personable and easy to work with. I was impressed with the way that she carried herself. She is an extremely confident and tough lawyer who gets the job done. I would not hesitate to refer her to anyone who is in need of a divorce. (Maria)

My experience with Attorney Deborah Lesko and her staff has been a positive one for the following reasons: Attorney Lesko is a calm, confident, experienced lawyer. I trust her law firm because they have been honest with me. Attorney Lesko excels at careful listening, clear, effective communication; organization; research and preparation for court hearings and trials. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone needing advice or help with their legal matter. (Name withheld)

I have found Deborah L. Lesko, Esquire to be an intelligent, resourceful and an energetic person. Deborah Lesko and her competent staff have demonstrated their great skill, efficiency, reliability and professionalism on numerous occasions either at my request or on her own initiative. I would wholeheartedly recommend her services without any reservation. (Gail A. Withers)

We were so blessed to have Attorney Lesko represent us in the adoption of our baby boy. She was with us through the whole process and her knowledge and expertise made the adoption flow smoothly even through the occasional twists and turns. She is not only professional, but we felt she was our friend! Each person in the office likewise has been so courteous, friendly and professional. (R&J)

… Deborah Lesko is by far an outstanding attorney. Her thorough attention to detail and heart-felt values to abide by the law and represent as to what is legally and morally right is what makes her the valued Esquire that she is. My only regret is that I didn’t find her when my divorce proceedings began but thank the Lord for bringing her into my life when I needed her the most. (Kim)

Debbie Lesko and her staff have assisted many of our clients in their adoption process. They have also been helpful to us in countless ways by providing the most accurate information and assistance in a very friendly and encouraging manner. I never hesitate to refer our clients to the Lesko Law offices because I know they will be treated well and advocated for in the utmost. (Colleen Haney, Executive Director, Adoption Connection, PA)

Debbie and her staff, in particular, Tammee, were wonderful to work with through our adoption experience. They were knowledgeable, professional, compassionate and efficient. We enjoyed working with them and highly recommend Debbie and her legal team to anyone, especially assistance with the adoption process. (B&J)

As a professional Social Worker, I was afforded numerous opportunities to witness and benefit from Attorney Lesko’s expansive legal knowledge, her respect for clients and her uncompromising ethical standards. She and her staff ensured timely responses in accurately addressing questions or concerns that arise while navigating legal procedures. I would and have recommended Attorney Lesko to friends, family and clients. (Tina McKenna, MSW)

I’ve known Debbie for nearly 20 years. She has helped me through some terribly frustrating and often emotional times. Debbie communicates her knowledge of the law in clear and concise terms. Her direction has enabled me to move forward with confidence and a thorough understanding of how my decisions could affect my future. I’m very pleased to say those decisions I’ve made with Debbie’s help have always proved favorable. I have and will continue to offer the name of Attorney Deborah Lesko to my friends and family. (Kimberly)

I enlisted the services of Ms. Lesko after the death of my husband. The services I received were excellently executed and I was pleased to be treated with utmost care in a very distressful time in my life. (Lilllian)

I have experienced a very positive outcome regarding my legal matters and would recommend her firm and services to anyone in need of fair, competent and righteous legal counsel. Mrs. Lesko and her firm have continually responded with polite, kind, courteous and attentive professionalism in a punctual and dependable manner. Every question I raised was professionally and courteously addressed and I was made to feel that “I and my concerns” mattered to Ms. Lesko and her firm. I have been completely satisfied with their services and know with confidence that whenever I am in need of legal counsel, that all of my legal concerns will be addressed, not only with excellence, but with my “betterment” in mind. (Mrs. C. Porter)

Over the last five or six years I have had a lot of opportunities to seek the aid of Attorney Debbie Lesko on a number of complicated legal issues involving the care of my aging parents, creating Wills for my family, and issues involving a successful Church merger with another Congregation. In all of those settings I have been extremely thankful for the courteous, professional, and extremely friendly manner with which Debbie has worked with me to positively solve all of the legal challenges. My parents before me have had the same kind of satisfying professional experience with Attorney Lesko. (Pastor Dan Cramer)

We began our adoption process very excited and hopeful but at the same time had slight fears and concerns. However, Deborah Lesko and her staff with their knowledge and experience, prompt attention to details, and friendly, comforting, and accommodating service made our journey even more rewarding, pleasant and fulfilling. (R &G)

Debbie Lesko is a very special person. Not only is she an exceptionally fine attorney, but on many occasions she has gone out of her way to care for the people she represents. I am very fortunate to know her and have her as my attorney and friend. (Gerry M. Rainwater)

“Deborah”, it was 18 years ago, we were so pleased with your services in the adoption of our son! And now, believe it or not, you have come to our services again, with the help of our grandson (which would be his son) and we are very well pleased! You are straight forward with everything that needs to be done step by step. (B. B. B. & J)

Deborah Lesko has been my Estate Planning Attorney for years. She is honest, forthright and very knowledgeable. (Sarah G. Keller)

I have known Attorney Deborah Lesko for approximately 30 years. Over the years she prepared wills for my mother, my aunt, my uncle, and me. She settled my mother’s estate and a case for me when I fell and broke my foot on corporate property. She settled a case for me when I was attacked by my neighbor’s dog and she settled an estate with me as administratrix for a neighbor who died with no heirs. Because I trust her judgment implicitly, I have referred her to many of my colleagues and friends. (Carol)

When our son Craig passed away with incurable lung cancer, Sherre and I were devastated. His small business and financial affairs were in a shambles. My son, Douglas, and his wife, Darlene, recommended Debbie for assistance. For over a year, Debbie provided superb legal advice and helped us through this difficult period. She liquidated his business, completed all federal, state and local requirements in order to close his estate. Sherre and I are grateful for her emotional support and professional guidance. We would highly recommend her, without reservation, to anybody with a similar situation. (D & S)

I would like to take time to express my pleasure of knowing Attorney Deborah Lesko. She helped with some property that I wanted to sell and doing business with her was one of the best things I ever did. (George Whetsell)

Our experience was 2 years ago we were working on adopting a little girl. Everything seemed to be going fine, then out of the blue the biological mother decided she wanted the baby back after she had been with us for 3 ½ months. Debbie Lesko called us at home personally and told us what was going on, what our choice was. She prayed with me over the phone and tried to comfort me. She was a friend when I was in need of one. After we had returned the baby to the mother, Debbie called us at home to see how we were doing. The time she spent with us calling us, praying with us meant more to us than she probably knows. She wasn’t just our attorney, she was our friend! (B &T)

In 1999 I met my wife, she had a beautiful son Zachary. For 7 years (and 2 attorneys) I tried to adopt Zachary. Through God I was led to Debbie. Immediately she called me. I will never forget the words she spoke to me “You’ve been waiting too long, this is going to be my priority,” in 3 to 4 months Zachary was legally my son! He was so proud and happy that when he turned 18 he tattoo’d his/our last name on his back. Thank you and we love you Debbie. (Steve “U.S. Army”)

We used Peacemakers Mediation Services to mediate our divorce, and would highly recommend Ms. Lesko.  She used her considerable knowledge of family law to help us settle matters of child custody, support, and division of assets.  I never felt as though she pushed her own recommendation on us.  Rather, she helped us come to our own conclusions (which led to a final settlement) by helping us understand how the law may apply in different situations.  She also helped us to never forget that the most important factor in our divorce was to make sure we continue to be strong parents for our daughter, and whatever outcome we settle on should have our child’s well being in mind.  She was compassionate during the times when we were struggling emotionally, practical and direct when she needed to be, but above all, patient and professional. (Mediation Client)

My wife and I would like to take a moment to offer thangs for the incredible service you recently gave us.  We had put off writing a will for much too long.  People tend to do this; they get too busy with their lives and think that tomorrow will be soon enough.  This is a serious misconception.  The drawn out financial and emotional experience of going into probate is one it is essential to avoid. From the first day I walked into the office, we were treated with heartfelt friendliness and comforting professionalism.  The staff of the law firm are knowledgeable and concise.  All dates set were met in a timely manner.  When it came time to sign the will, there were two witnesses on hand and everything had been totally explained and structured to our exact needs.  The senior discount was an added blessing as the price was very, very reasonable.  I highly recommend The Law & Mediation Offices of Deborah L. Lesko, P.C. to anyone needing legal services.  We are fortunate to have this fine firm in our neighborhood. Thank you. (Mark and Lin)