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Adoption Law Services

What our Adoption Law Services include:

  • Private adoption (often referred to as independent, identified or non-agency adoption)
  • Agency adoption (both private agencies and county/state agencies)
  • Intrastate adoption (within Pennsylvania)
  • Interstate adoption (when Birthparents and Adopting Parent(s) live in different states)
  • Domestic adoption (within the United States)
  • Foreign or International adoption (a child is coming from another country)
  • Step-parent adoption
  • Relative adoption (where a relative of the child is adopting the child, such as a grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother, sister)
  • SWAN adoption (Statewide Adoption Network)
  • Contested adoptions
  • Adult Adoptions (where an adult is adopted by another adult)

We have been involved with over 4,000 adoption matters, ranging from consulting with adoptive parents or consulting with birthparents or attorneys, consulting with and representing adoption agencies, to facilitating the placements, handling the legal process, attending court hearing(s) to litigating contested termination of rights cases.

It is our privilege to work with birthparents and adoptive parents in their adoption plan. We have the highest respect for our birthparents who make selfless decisions of love for their children. We see our adoptive parents as people with a special love who receive a child who, although not a biological child, to be a part of their family as if that child was their own biological child, and love them and provide the family and nurturing that the birthparents so desire for their child. Adoptions are not “just another legal case” to us: They are a ministry of love and caring that we are entrusted with to see that that the legal procedures are done with expertise and ease. We strive to assure that all members of the adoption plan know that they are respected and treated with care and compassion and that their needs are being met with competency and confidence.

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